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Since 2001, Tetreault Advertising has been the agency of record for Advent Christian Retirement Communities (ACRC) and its two facilities, Vernon Homes (complete independent senior living, assisted living and nursing care) and Meetinghouse Village (independent senior living).


We know innovative and compassionate senior living and care! And we know the best model for that care – Green Houses. As their communications partner, we have helped Vernon Homes achieve its goal of becoming a Green House community. We have planned, strategized and executed communications from the vision stage to the present stage. Now, Vernon Homes has received state approval to build its $33 million project. 

This kind of in-depth experience can benefit you too. Tetreault Advertising is ready immediately to be your creative, knowledgeable advertising/marketing partner. Everyone on the TA team believes strongly in the social services mission, and takes it as our responsibility to support you every step of the way.

Results are why You Prosper 

Developing a Cohesive Brand Identity and More
Advent Christian Retirement Communities

“Admittedly, there are dozens of agencies that would have helped us. But The Tetreault Agency distinguished itself with one particular attribute: a stated and deliberate commitment to integrity. If value is defined as an excellent product delivered in a way that exceeds expectations for a moderate cost, then The Tetreault Agency offers it.”


Larry Knowles, President, Advent Christian Retirement Communities



The non-profit ACRC is the corporate head for two retirement communities located in Vermont and Maine. Together, the two facilities provide a full spectrum of senior living and care services. Prior to hiring us, ACRC had a growing need to communicate to varied audiences spanning church members to financial donors to government officials to healthcare professionals to the general public – but lacked a marketing resource for strategic and creative services.



ACRC hired Tetreault Advertising in 2001 and since then we have provided integrated digital and traditional marketing strategy and implementation across multiple channels. We undertook a major branding initiative in 2015 that unified the three entities and created consistency in all communications. Our extensive work includes:

  • Branding 

  • Websites for the corporate head and the two retirement communities

  • Email marketing

  • Pay-per-click campaigns

  • Print advertising 

  • Social media management 

  • Capabilities brochures 

  • Direct mail (including promotional item support) 

  • Newsletters  

  • Public relations 

  • Videos

  • Annual report

  • Government and public presentation materials

Among other benefits, the refreshed look and feel of the ACRC brand achieved the fundamental communications goal of presenting a recognizable identity and personality that elegantly connected the three entities.


A Dedicated website - The Communication Foundation

Green House Community - Vernon Homes- website

“Claude and his team developed a website that explained our Green House initiative. It provided the right info and voice for our project. It was a huge boon for me personally – I could direct people to the site for the basics, saving me tremendous amounts of time.”


Brad Ellis, Executive Director, Vernon Homes



Vernon Homes acted on its long-held vision for home-like elder care by choosing to adopt the Green House approach. But explaining this new concept of care and its many benefits to varied audiences was not easy.



Tetreault Advertising created a website devoted totally to The Green House® Community at Vernon Homes. The site, accessed from Vernon Homes’ main website, provided a central repository of information regarding Vernon Homes’ mission and motivation, Green House benefits, news, and requests for donations. The site tied into The Green House Project organization for news covering topics such as government actions, new Green House communities, and general education. The site has been well received and provides a solid starting point for all interested in this innovative model of care.

 In-depth, Innovative Experience that Enables Elders to Live with Meaning

mailer mockup copy.png

“Tetreault Advertising has been with us every step of the way to communicate effectively to a wide range of audiences for this major effort, a $33 million construction investment.”

Brad Ellis, Executive Director, Vernon Homes



Vernon Homes provides the best in nursing care, yet had a long-held goal to implement a fundamentally better model – one that transformed the traditional hospital/institutional care model into a true home environment like the one that their residents formerly lived in. This project would be a major undertaking in all ways, from government approvals, to fundraising to staff training in the new model.



Vernon Homes partnered with the Green House Project®, a national organization that provides the real home model that Vernon Homes envisioned, and began the work of implementing its own Green House Community in 2018. Since then, Tetreault Advertising has provided the considerable and ongoing marketing support needed to transition to the innovative Green House model. Needs include approvals from state agencies; acceptance from the local community of new buildings on their Vernon, Vermont campus; private and governmental fundraising; and generating interest among current and potential resident families of the new living/care opportunity. We have provided:

  • Strategic marketing planning and counsel

  • PowerPoint presentations for several public meetings and events

  • A case statement, the core document for fundraising purposes

  • Dedicated website

  • Sales materials such as brochures and direct mailers

  • Press releases

  • Letters for fundraising purposes

  • Public relations materials


Bolstered by Tetreault marketing support, Vernon Homes in 2023 received state approval to build what has been named The Green House Community at Vernon Homes.

Facebook community event

Results through Social Media and Internet Marketing

The senior living and care community has seen a 300% increase

in internet advertising click-thrus 

“Vernon Home went from having no marketing to having a comprehensive program through The Tetreault Agency. Claude and his staff are easy to work with and respond quickly to our desires and concerns. They produce quality products that meet our expectations and consistently give us the results we hope for. I would recommend TTA to any organization looking to initiate a marketing plan or to take their current effort to the next level.”

Brad Ellis, Executive Director, Vernon Homes


Like all senior care providers, Vernon Homes experiences a constant turnover of residents and employees. A related challenge is building a steady flow of patients for Vernon Home’s physical rehabilitation service.


For staff recruitment and residency inquiry leads, we have implemented internet advertising strategies that have increased click-thrus by 300% since starting our campaigns.


Tetreault Advertising’s use of Facebook advertising for engagement and staff recruitment has been highly effective and has kept staffing levels consistent. In one example, the client was able to successfully source and fill three critical positions within days -- at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.


The digital advertising we manage for Vernon Homes, featuring Google and Facebook advertising, has generated thousands of click-thrus during recent years. This advertising has been instrumental to our strategy for driving traffic to the website and generating inquiries for residency.


To keep achieving results like this, we maintain a broad range of digital and traditional marketing assets that help keep Vernon Homes viable in a highly competitive market.

Screen Shot 2024-04-29 at 11.53.00 AM.png

Marketing Support for Independent Living Start-up


"Claude Tetreault and the Tetreault Agency have served as an indispensable partner to Meetinghouse Village. Taking the raw materials of our historic mission, leadership vision, and resource capacity, they helped us crystallize a cohesive message, enhanced by sharp and compelling communications media. But they are more than mere strategists. Laced throughout their approaches is a spirit of wisdom, integrity and sensitivity that enriches and raises their talents to a distinctive and rarified level."

Larry Knowles, President, Advent Christian Retirement Communities



In 2007, ACRC began the process of adding to its Vernon, Vermont facility by purchasing property in Kittery, Maine that included a north campus with two existing apartment buildings as well as undeveloped southern acreage. The process included local opposition, zoning challenges and ever-increasing competition. The south campus also faced challenges from the town after ACRC sought to create additional apartments for seniors there. For both campuses, high occupancy was critical to their long-term viability.



ACRC leaders distinguished Meetinghouse Village from the competition by honestly promoting their century-plus mission of serving seniors of moderate means as they always have -- with a blend of God-given hope and the facility’s tangible amenities. Tetreault Advertising supported this foundational message across collateral materials, website, social media, traditional and digital advertising, and custom videos. We provided marketing support during the challenging start-up phases for both north and south campuses and for current maintenance efforts. The results:


  • Full occupancy and waiting lists have been the norm

  • Digital advertising has been effective -- over a nine-month period, clicks were up by 52% while costs per click were down by 15.3%

Untitled-2 (9).png

Social Marketing Above Industy Standards


Untitled (85)_edited.png


In 2021 eldercare homes were faced with a unique set of a challenges in covid environment that were affecting resident applications and confidence across the industry.  


This was not the case for Meetinghouse Village. They found success through social media ads across Facebook and Instagram, achieving 323,756 impressions and 19,290 clicks. By promoting a long-established model focused on exceptional community values and care, the MHV social media marketing program designed by Tetreatult Advertising produced an annual average click-thru rate of 5.95% in 2021.

  • The closest industry average for advertising benchmarks on Facebook at that time was .70% - .90%, thus placing their ad performance 644% above others in their industry

  • In 2022, the 5.44% ad CTR was well above industry averages

  • Social media advertising and other efforts by Tetreault Advertising resulted in an 18-month-long rental wait list, and continued confidence in the Meetinghouse care model

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