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  • Claude Tetreault

The Green House Project - Transforming Senior Living and Care.

We have in-depth experience in this innovative movement that enables elders to live with meaning


Traditional nursing homes are based on the hospital/institutional model of care. Physically and organizationally, they are not set up to create an environment of “home” like the one that their residents formerly lived in. Vernon Homes provides the best in nursing care, yet had a long-held goal to implement a fundamentally better model. They found it by partnering with the Green House Project®, a national organization with a comprehensive and proven model that provides the real home that Vernon Homes envisioned.


Vernon Homes began the work of implementing its own Green House Community in 2018. Since then, Tetreault Advertising has provided the considerable and ongoing marketing support needed to transition from a traditional facility to the innovative Green House model. Needs include approvals from state agencies; acceptance from the local community of new buildings on their Vernon, Vermont campus; private and governmental fundraising; and generating interest among current and potential resident families of the new living/care opportunity. We have provided:

  • Strategic marketing planning and counsel

  • PowerPoint presentations for several public meetings and events

  • A case statement, which is a core document for fundraising purposes

  • Sales materials that include a brochure and direct mailer

  • Press releases

  • Letters for fundraising purposes

“Tetreault Advertising has been with us every step of the way to communicate effectively to a wide range of audiences for this major effort, a $20 million construction investment.” — Brad Ellis, Executive Director Vernon Homes


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