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MassNAHRO - Helping Save Public Housing.


  • Massachusetts was awarded $5.3 billion in the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act, but the state’s public housing was not slated to receive funds

  • The state’s public housing portfolio, in need of major repairs, was not on the radar of state legislator decision makers

  • Competition for funds was substantial


  • Create an outreach to legislators by engaging individual housing authority executives

  • Make it “local” with each HA exec contacting his or her state representative

Supply HA execs with a series of emails and creative materials that communicated the areas of need

Encourage the execs to “email, call and invite” their representative


  • Awareness of public housing's needs and requests for funding increased among the key audience of state legislators

  • Aided by this strategic marketing effort, MassNAHRO was approved by the Massachusetts House and Senate for $150M in public housing modernization funding

“Time was tight, but Tetreault Advertising quickly developed a striking campaign theme

and the persuasive communications we needed. They did it all: theme, letter, email

blasts, video, and white paper to make our funding case to state legislators.” – Donna Brown-Rego, Executive Director, MassNAHRO


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