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  • Claude Tetreault

Aaron's AutoGlass - Generating Growth for a Single-location Company in a Competitive Marketplace.


Like all start-up operations, there are tremendous challenges to identify all the elements required to complete the work successfully while juggling the many details that contribute to growing pains including high tech tools, vehicles, certified staff and of course, a marketing plan to attract customers.     


Unlike most start-up companies, Aaron’s AutoGlass immediately sought after professional marketing support with Tetreault Advertising.  Being open to counsel and finding the resources to invest, Aaron’s grassroots operation invested significantly on launching a top-notch website and more importantly, a consistent digital advertising campaign to get the ball rolling.  Supportive collateral and blogs helped tell their story,  promotional items provided a boost of appreciation for clients and prospects alike and more recently the integration of video production augmented their brand and marketing thrust.

In just two years, Aaron’s now has three technicians, multiple vehicles, along with a facility that provides calibration services and a waiting room for customer convenience.

Aaron's Autoglass Jan-Sept 2020

  • Conversions are up 222.5% (conversions are phone calls in this case)

  • Cost per conversion was down by 54.5%

Aaron's AutoGlass Camera Calibration Promotional Video

"We have worked with Claude for over two years now. I discovered Claude when I had a salesman come to my business to sell me advertising. I made a decision to get help to advertise. I searched for someone that I felt had great success in the local market place with brands I know and also someone that I could trust. When I met Claude, I knew I came to my decision. For the time we have worked with Claude. He has helped me stay focused with the best marketing strategies for my situation. He understood as a small business I did not have unlimited marketing dollars and explained to me my options and followed up with his opinion based on His experience. He makes himself available for me whenever I have questions or need advise. He also checks in time to time and keeps me looking toward the future. I look at Claude as a marketing professional and business consultant at the same time.  Claude has also allowed me to do things that I would not have otherwise been able to do. While we have longer sales cycles from a bit of customers, he was creative with ways we can complete the projects we believe with flexible payment terms." - Aaron Gagnon, Owner and Operator


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