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  • Claude Tetreault

Grand Opening Marketing Tactics for Subway Sandwich Shop

Leading restaurant franchise

Marketing was key to the success of grand opening events


Subway needed to support their franchise owners across portions of southern New England who planned to open 15 shops in three years. Each location’s market was unique and required variations in approach to maximize consumer interest and response.


We ensured that Subway shops started with plenty of sizzle by handling a full plate of advertising, public relations and grand-opening events for the 15 new stores. We consulted with each store’s owner to customize marketing and the grand-opening event for each store’s needs. Subway was very satisfied with customer counts for the openings and considered the entire campaign a success. The stores’ success also contributed to Subway being named the fastest growing franchise in the country during our involvement.

The folks at Tetreault Advertising really helped us develop a game plan to market our 15-store group.  Creative materials, direct interaction and coaching our store owners and practical ways to implement the marketing plan were very effective; beyond that, the value-added side came in the positive relationships and integrity they brought to the table.” Jim Turi, Development Agent for over 30 years


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