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  • Claude Tetreault

Successfully Translating Christian Academy and Ministry's Broad Vision into a Quality Presentation

Christian academy and ministry

Time was tight to make a capital campaign a success


When we began working with them, Master Builder Ministries was under the gun to kick off a major three-year capital campaign to support the physical expansion and renovations of its campus spanning church, academy, Bible college and political-action ministry. Compounding the time crunch was communications confusion as to how the four ministries plus their corporate head fit together. Each had different graphic looks and lacked cohesion.


We first advised the client of the larger need to rework their “corporate” identity that graphically brought their diverse ministries under the MBM umbrella and concisely expressed their mission. With that foundation in place, we created a campaign with a full complement of collateral materials that became the basis for a consistent communications platform that served MBM for years. The organization benefited by presenting a clear, unambiguous message about what it was and what it did.

“I want to thank you and your staff for being sensitive to our uniqueness and mission. You have translated our broad vision into a quality presentation package. I am looking forward to the further implementation of our development plan.” Dr. Ronald L. Bernier, Pastor


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