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  • Claude Tetreault

Positioning International Paper-Natural Fiber Group As A Tech Leader In Their Industry

Cotton bleaching business

Helping a manufacturing company become number one in its field


A player in the highly competitive field of cotton fabric bleaching, Natural Fiber Group wanted to grow. Its product was a commodity, and marketing was key to differentiating the company from the pack.


We gave NFG customers a real reason to do business with the company by communicating the product benefits offered by their technology. Over the course of a decade-long relationship, we supplied the company’s sales force with clear, concise materials to help them sell and reach new customers and eventually grow NFG into the nation’s largest manufacturer of bleached cotton. Our work included corporate identity, advertising, sales and trade show support, all of which was enhanced by our strategic approach that focused on clearly explaining the company’s technological advances and product superiority.

“Tetreault worked hard to build an understanding of our company, products and markets. The results have been outstanding. They have helped to establish our true position as a technological leader in our industry. Our sales are expanding and our competition is far behind.”

Bart Morse, Former General Manager International Paper-Natural Fiber Group


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