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  • Claude Tetreault

Implementing A Marketing Program That Changed The Face Of Worcester Housing Authority

Public Housing Authority

Helping generate a positive image and message


The challenges we faced when we began our relationship with the Worcester Housing Authority were tough: Low visibility and negative perceptions in the city’s communities.


We tackled pressing communications problems by applying fresh thinking. We discovered that for the agency’s senior target audience, Worcester was a great place to live and that the WHA offered an affordable, secure and permanent living option. We re-positioned the WHA accordingly, starting with a new logo/corporate identity. We reached the community via newspaper ads and delivered the WHA message via direct mail to sources that refer seniors. We also initiated a WHA employee campaign to boost “customer service” thinking and encouraged current residents to “tell a friend.” This integrated program increased interest among Worcester’s senior population leading to increased inquiries for information.

“The Tetreault Agency implemented a marketing program, using all the tools at their disposal to begin changing people’s image of the WHA. The program is positively impacting our agency’s future as a vital, growing community partner.” Ruth E. Carlson, Former Executive Director


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