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What to expect from your free consultation

When we meet, we’ll discuss your current marketing situation and needs in relevant areas. We’ll come back to you with a free overview of our suggestions for your consideration. If you’re ready to take the next step, a deeper marketing analysis is available.

8 critical areas to explore:

  • Media buying – How well are your current advertising and media buys getting you where you want to go?
  • Branding – Is your brand and position clear and memorable?
  • Digital and traditional integration – Are you using the many available marketing tools intentionally or more randomly? How can you integrate them for cumulative effect?
  • Website – Does this central marketing tool speak to customer needs? Is it up to date, informative and video friendly?
  • Creative – Is your marketing creative unified and cohesive? Does it reflect your brand position? Does it differentiate you from competition?
  • Social Media – Is it right for your company? Would a social media investment pay dividends in terms of audience engagement and relationship building?
  • Business Process Review – Do functions like advertising, PR, special events, sales and IT reside on separate islands? Can a sound marketing plan bring them together to produce better marketing results?
  • Budget – Do you have an established marketing budget? Can a regular, predictable investment provide you with competitive advantage?

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